Franchise With Us!

The indoor-trampoline-park industry is a soaring one.

A successful franchise must be built on streamlined procedures and guidelines that will ensure the same financial results and customer satisfaction levels on all sites.

The indoor-trampoline-park industry is a soaring one. That is definitely true, with suitable locations being sought out all over the world.

At ARC we strongly believe that we need to stand out from the pack. To accomplish this, we offer an alternative approach to entertainment that no other FEC has accomplished so far. We not only offer our top edge, super safe trampolining experience but we also offer exquisite restaurant / café services that will encourage parents to visit as well.

An ARC trampoline owner doesn’t need specific prior experience in a related field. We will provide all the training necessary to successfully build and run one of our parks.

We will assist you in every step of the journey. From location identification and evaluation, business plan and funding procedures, architectural and interior designing, arenas design and equipment, to restaurant / bar design and equipment. For every little detail we will be there for you, ensuring the same look n feel on all sites.

If interested, fill out our online questionnaire and we will get back to you asap.